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Pro Apache Hadoop, Second Edition brings you up to speed on Hadoop ? the framework of big data. Revised to cover Hadoop 2.0, the book covers the very latest developments such as YARN (aka MapReduce 2.0), new HDFS high-availability features, and increased scalability in the form of HDFS Federations. All the old content has been revised too, giving the latest on the ins and outs of MapReduce, cluster design, the Hadoop Distributed File System, and more. This book covers everything you need to build your first Hadoop cluster and begin analyzing and deriving value from your business and scientific data. Learn to solve big-data problems the MapReduce way, by breaking a big problem into chunks and creating small-scale solutions that can be flung across thousands upon thousands of nodes to analyze large data volumes in a short amount of wall-clock time. Learn how to let Hadoop take care of distributing and parallelizing your software?you just focus on the code; Hadoop takes care of the rest. Covers all that is new in Hadoop 2.0 Written by a professional involved in Hadoop since day one Takes you quickly to the seasoned pro level on the hottest cloud-computing framework

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